Learning Design Lab Article

Monday, October 29th RSU #19 hosted the first Learning Design Lab for the Maine Department of Education. Fifteen educators from around the state learned about technology from Middle and High School students. The topics ranged from coding, robotics, podcasting, online publishing, drones, virtual reality creation, instrument building and 3D printing. You can find the agenda at bit.ly/LearningDesignLab.  

Teachers from Yarmouth, Belfast, Portland, Cape Elizabeth and more experienced the educational technology that RSU #19 students use everyday. The teachers created with virtual reality, coded mini-drones, and shared in the guitar building project funded by a Perloff Foundation grant.

“Inspirational!” - Alice Barr, Yarmouth High School

Amanda Nguyen and Deb Plowman from the MDOE work with drones.

Photo by: Rachel W

Andrew H, Shane S, and Cody M

share their work with visiting teachers

Photo: Riley B