Sebasticook Valley Health Kohl's Grant

Sebasticook Valley Health has awarded Kohl’s grants to Somerset, Sebasticook, and Nokomis for backpack/school food pantries.   Sebasticook and Nokomis will be receiving checks for $2500 each to get their pantries up and running with infrastructure and food.  Somerset, since they already are a Good Shepherd Pantry, will put their money into expanding the backpack program.  SVH will manage the money for the backpack program for all three schools.  Just before Thanksgiving, we delivered 20 backpacks to each school.  Each pack contains about $10 of food. I am attaching a picture of the contents of the backpacks. We will deliver filled backpacks prior to Christmas, February, and April vacations.  We are thrilled to begin to make an impact on child hunger in Sebasticook Valley.