A special message to all of our students!
Mrs. Donahue reading I like Myself!
Mrs. Kissinger reading Up on Bob
Ms. Sullivan reading Interrupting Chicken
Mrs. Donahue reading Stuck
Ms. Rogers reading Double Trouble in Walla Walla
Officer Loeven reading Cody the Cloud
Thank you to RSU 19 Staff from Students
Mrs. Kissinger reading How to Catch a Dinosaur
Mrs. D. Hammond reading Box Turtle at Long Pond
Ms. Rogers reading Mud
Mrs. Donahue reading The Circus Ship
Mrs. Hammond reading This Moose Belongs to Me
Mr. Edward reading Hop on Pop
Mrs. Demchak reading No Sleep for the Sheep!
Ms. Worster reading Martin's Big Words
Mrs. Lang reading Chicka Chicka Boom Boom
Mrs. Donahue reading Ira Sleeps Over
Mrs. D. Hammond reading Swimmy
Mrs. Cram reading I Wanna Iguana