The National Commission of Excellence in Education in their special report “A Nation at Risk” encourages students to take charge of their lives and develop their full potential. Whether you are looking at college, military, gap year, working, or another option... Your guidance counselor hopes you will seriously consider their message:

“You forfeit your chance for life at its fullest when you
withhold your best effort in learning. When you give only
the minimum to learning, your receive only the minimum in
return. Even with your parents’ best example and your
teachers’ best efforts, in the end it is your work that
determines how much and how well you learn. When you
work to your full capacity, you can hope to attain the
knowledge and skills that will enable you to create your
future and control your destiny. If you do not, you will
have your future thrust upon you by others. Take hold of
your life, apply your gifts and talents, work with
dedication and self-discipline. Have high expectations for
yourself and convert every challenge into an opportunity.”

It is our hope and expectation that all Nokomis Regional High graduates will have a carefully constructed plan for the years after high school. Consider your options. Begin to plan now. Get to that “next place” by choice, not chance!



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