Math Team Victorious in Bucksport
Dan Decker
Thursday, January 31, 2019

Congratulations to the math team for a dominating performance in Bucksport. Winners were: 
6th grade individual first place - Cooper Flagg
7th grade individual second place Cole Ivory and third place individual Damion Robinson 

8th grade individual- second place tie- Drew Adams and Cadence Bachelder 
Third place tie- Brianna Townsend and Lijia Yang 

6th grade team second place - Tripp Clark, Ace Flagg, Cooper Flagg and Danni Melanesian
7th grade team- 1st place- Hunter Moores, Callum Beane, Angela Brockway, Cole Ivory
7th grade team- third place- Abby Reynolds, Reyna Allen, Damion Robinson, Alex Grant 

8th grade team- first place - Adrienne Dyer, Bri Townsend, Lijia Yang, Rylee Melanson 
8th gr team- second place - Brandi Bubar, Daniel Quinoa, Grady Hartsgrove, Izzy Otis