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R.S.U. #19 is located in a rural area of Central Maine, consisting of eight (8) towns, covering 325 square miles. There are five (5) elementary schools, two (2) middle schools, and one (1) high school. Our high school students may attend TCTC (Tri-County Technical Center) located in AOS #94, Dexter (typically during their Jr./Sr. year)

The district’s total population including tuition students and Pre-K is approximately 2480. Approximately 375 (15%) of those students receive Special Education services.

We have a large and varied staff of professionals including Special Education Teachers, Licensed Speech Pathologists, Licensed Occupational Therapists, School Psychological Service Providers, Guidance Counselors, Licensed Social Workers, as well as many Educational Technicians. We contract for Physical Therapy services when needed.

We offer a Developmental Skills Program for K-4, a Life Skills program for grades 5-8 and 9-12 students. These programs are designed for students who require a more “hands-on” method of instruction in small classrooms. Community interaction is emphasized in the Middle and Senior High School Life Skills Programs.

When possible, students are provided special education services in the regular classrooms, adhering to the belief that students with disabilities learn best when educated with their non-disabled peers. Special education teachers and regular classroom teachers continually consult with one another regarding the special needs of children with disabilities in the classroom.

One of our greatest strengths…

lies in the commitment of our parent(s). The parent(s) of the children in our programs spend many hours helping us plan meaningful educational experiences for their children. Our parent(s) are often the ones who help us identify the unique learning styles of their child/children that enable us to develop the plan that allows their student(s) to prosper in our schools.

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