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The Maine Schools for Excellence (MSFE) project aims to improve the education system in the state of Maine by providing select schools and districts with opportunities for rigorous professional development, a new evaluation system for educators which focuses on helping teachers and leaders improve their methods, and bonuses for improved student performance.

This page will serve as a portal for our district's involvement in this project as well as to provide general information about this project as a whole.  Below you will find links to documents and external websites to help you better understand the scope of this initiative and what it is trying to accomplish.

RSU 19 TEPG and LEPG Calendar 2015-2016

Maine Schools for Excellence

MSFE June 2014 Newsletter

RSU19 TIF 4 District Steering Committee Meeting Schedule

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LEPG Instructional Feedback Observation Toolkit

TPEG Rubric Companion Guide Final SLO Approval Form
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MSFE FAQ Summer Institute

TakeOne! & TEPG Facilitator Roll Out - 05/15/2013

An Overview of TIF 4

TIF 4 Cohort Overview Presentation

MSFE General Q&A

Model Teacher Evaluation and Professional Growth Program

Evaluation SystemsA Comprehensive Guide to Developing & Operating Teacher Evaluation Systems Presentation.

Maine Department of Education - Maine School for Excellence


Gathering Feedback for Teaching - This report presents an in-depth discussion of the analytical methods and findings from the Measures of Effective Teaching (MET) project’s analysis of classroom observations.

The Widget Effect - This report examines our pervasive and longstanding failure to recognize and respond to variations in the effectiveness of our teachers.