A Letter from the Principal of Nokomis Regional High

     It is truly an honor to serve as the principal of Nokomis Regional High, a comprehensive high school serving each of the rural communities that comprise RSU#19: Corinna, Etna, Dixmont, Hartland, Palmyra, Plymouth, Newport and St. Albans.

     We have prepared this website and will continue to update it in the hope that it will become a valuable, centralized resource containing links to Infinite Campus (our secure, online grade book system), to school news and information regarding policies, procedures and events for parents, students and members of the eight communities that we serve.  

     The mission of Nokomis Regional High is to foster a community of responsible, successful, and mutually respectful learners.  I am joined by our assistant principal, Mr. Phil St. Onge, our athletic administrator, Mr. Jason Tardy, our guidance department, and a committed staff of approximately sixty teachers and a wide array of support staff in providing a “home away from home” for the students of this district, a safe, supportive learning environment where every student is prepared to achieve their future dreams, whether those dreams are college or workplace focused.  Students and faculty are supported in a growing culture of academic excellence by cutting edge technology, preparing students for the unique challenges of their generation. Students at Nokomis participate in student centered learning and parents are invited to student led conferencing in the fall, where students are encouraged to take ownership of their work by demonstrating their academic achievements to their parents.

     Nokomis offers a wide variety of curricular options to fit the needs of all learners, including AP classes, Honors classes, a strong drama department and our partnership with Tri County Technical Center. Each Nokomis student is expected to develop an Individualized Graduation Plan, and each student’s Nokomis experience culminates in a Senior Project that highlights his or her future plans.   Extra-curricular activities include a full schedule of sports activities, including the 2010 Maine State Field Hockey Championship girls’ team, and many diverse organizations from Key Club to Video Game club to the Taxidermy Club.

     I encourage you to bring any of your questions and comments particularly regarding this website to the school, and we look forward to working with you and your family this year.





Mary Nadeau

Principal, Nokomis Regional High