Future Search

RSU 19

Future Search Emblem

Our Vision

We envision that each student,
in partnership with the community,
will be an involved citizen,
a lifelong learner in a global society,
possess relevant life skills,
and be able to utilize emerging technologies.

Our Mission

Inspire every student.
Instill a motivation for learning.
Insure contributing citizens.

Our Guiding Beliefs

We believe that in order to be the best...

  • all decisions should be made with consideration of how it affects students.
  • each student deserves an individual program of instruction.
  • a safe environment is essential to effective education.
  • fiscal responsibility supports world-class students.
  • open communication between school and community is critical.
  • each student deserves a highly qualified, dedicated, and caring staff.


Our Goal

To become a world class educational system by addressing the following areas:

  • Student Learning
  • Community Involvement
  • School Environments
  • Fiscal Responsibility
  • Technology


"Education isn’t finite.
It’s like working with a seed.
You till the ground and fertilize to give it proper feed.
The roots are like the family base from which the sprout will grow.
And once it’s broken through the ground, there’s no limit it can grow.
With proper nourishment and pruning, the plant will grow and bloom and shine . . .
much like the future graduates of RSU 19"

- Wade Richardson, Future Search Participant
October 3, 2009