School History

Students have been educated in the public schools of Etna and Dixmont since the early 1800’s. By 1920, the four schools in the town of Etna allowed area residents to walk to the closest community school. The McKinley, Lincoln, Washington and Longfellow Schools served residents of Etna. These schools were maintained in both summer and winter and were used until 1968, when the present Etna-Dixmont School was opened.

Like Etna, the town of Dixmont was proud of its community schools in the Nineteenth and Twentieth Century. Dixmont’s community schools included the Simpson’s Corner School, the Dixmont Center School and the McKinley School.

In 1965, with the creation of School Administrative District #38, residents of Etna and Dixmont voted to build one community school to serve the needs of all students. The Etna-Dixmont School was constructed directly on the town line for students in grades Kindergarten through eight. It is possible to walk from Dixmont to Etna within the school itself!

The school has been expanded three times since 1968 and since 2002 has included a Pre-K program for four-year olds. The building serves multiple needs in the Etna and Dixmont communities.

Beginning July 1, 2008, Etna-Dixmont School, formerly the sole school of MSAD 38, consolidated with the schools of MSAD 48 to create Regional School Unit 19 (RSU 19). The schools making up RSU 19 include four PreK-4 schools- Corinna Elementary School, Hartland Consolidated School, Newport Elementary School and St. Albans School; one PreK-8 school- Etna-Dixmont School; two middle schools- Sebasticook Valley Middle School, and Somerset Valley Middle School and one high school- Nokomis Regional High School.