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Welcome to the Corinna Library website. Our school has a great collection of books for reading and research. Check out our collection on the above link.

Information can also be found through websites. Below are some suggestions.

Enchanted Learning is a great site to visit. It includes basic information about animals, science, famous people, holidays, and even dinosaurs!

A useful Internet tool for finding magazine articles and other facts is Marvel! Searchasaurus for Kids and Britannica Learning Zone are two selections for elementary students. To access from home, you'll need to either ask your school librarian for a password or ask your parents to register here.

A variety of websites have been bookmarked just for you on Portaportal.

When you are on the internet remember these rules:

  • Follow the rules your parents set about going online.
  • Be open and honest with your parents about using the Internet.
  • Personal information is just that , PERSONAL. Do not give out personal "I" information, or pictures without your parent's permission.
  • Tell your parents/teachers if you find anything that make you feel uncomfortable while on the Internet. DON'T RESPOND YOURSELF.